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Everyone knows the comfort and therapeutic power of heat.  We use it for sore muscles, cramps and just to relax or keep warm.  Now, with the power of your microwave, you can turn a cuddly flannel “rice blanket” into a therapeutic cozy cover.  Just put your rice blanket into the microwave for approximately 3 minutes, take it out and apply to affected area or just wrap it around you.  The rice in the blanket channels retains the heat and keeps you warm.   The moist warmth quickly eases your aches and pains and relaxes your muscles.


They come in many sizes and patterns.  They can be re-heated over and over again for years to come and fold away easily.

Why a Rice Blanket?

 - Soothing, moist heat
 - Weighted warmth
 - Portablity - no electrical cords
 - Soft, cozy flannel in many

   colors and patterns

 - Heats up quickly and retains

    the warmth


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How to purchase a Rice Blanket

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The Rice Blanket can be used in many ways

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  • To help relieve:

               - Backache
                     - Neck pain
                     - Knee pain

                     - Stomach and Menstrual cramps

  • As a warm shawl any time you're cold

  • To pre-heat your bed and cover you in weighted warmth when you get into bed

  • To wrap around your feet after coming in from the cold

 Hand-made from high-quality flannel, these rice blankets will provide you with therapeutic cozy heat for years to come.